NightLabs success stories

„Open source ERP is a sound alternative for SMEs“ and „Open source-based ERP is conquering SMEs“ was the unanimous verdict in the trade press. In practice too, NightLabs shows: our JFire platform is highly efficient and future-ready.

„Open source software (OSS) solutions for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) have established themselves on the market quietly and furtively,“ writes the information service Cost, flexibility and vendor independency are the main reasons why companies opt for such solutions.

Companies that opt for the JFire platform from open source pioneers NightLabs do so predominantly due to the features it offers, such as modularity, flexibility and future reliability. Its attractive price is a further bonus. And the testimonials below confirm this:

Mahle Behr Industry: Tailored CRM
Today, Behr Industry is one of the world's leading OEMs, developing cooling and air-conditioning systems for use in vehicles, engines and gears for high-power applications and battery modules. The company's product range also includes rims and wheels for motorbikes. -

For Behr Mahle Industry, we developed a tailored CRM solution, an extensive product catalogue and an effective information system for component tests based on JFire.

AX Business Solutions AG + Research Centre for Information Technology (FZI): Secure cloud computing
The AX Business Solutions AG is a you software company based in Karlsbad. The company provides easy-to-use solutions for small sized companies and crafts enterprises. -

As an independent research facility, the Research Centre for Information Technology (FZI) in Karlsruhe helps companies and public institutions develop market, operational organisation and administration innovations. One objective is to implement the latest findings from scientific research in innovative products. -

As part of a two-year project sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), NightLabs and its partners are developing processes and components addressing "data-security in the cloud". One of the project goals is to enable for providing our Open-Source-ERP JFire in the Cloud with secured data.



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