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Companies of all sizes contact NightLabs when they require experienced Java experts. Whether for J2EE (JBoss, Glassfish, Websphere), web technologies (such as Servlets, Portlets, Tomcat, Liferay and JSF), or Eclipse RCP and Eclipse RAP as user interfaces, our Java experts are always in high demand.

Place your trust in NightLabs's experts and you will get much more than „just“ first-rate Java programmers. NightLabs is an expert in agile software development in accordance with the Scrum method. As a standardised process, Scrum ensures that you are constantly presented with interim results throughout your project development. At any step along the way, tests can be formulated and carried out to gauge the progress and effectiveness of the planned project, so that the final end results optimally represent and fulfil your requirements.

The following testimonials will give you an idea of who calls on NightLabs to meet their Java and software development needs:

Haufe-Lexware: Product development
The Haufe Media Group is an innovative specialised publisher in the fields of law, economics and taxation and information processing. The company, which employs 1,000 people, offers a wide range of services, including online databases, software, specialised media and training. More than 1 million people use the business software for self-employed professionals and small businesses. -

As a Scrum team, NightLabs is developing the server part of a new product for Haufe-Lexware. Scope: 3 to 4 persons (on-going). Technologies: Java, Glassfish JPA, Jersey (REST).

Goetzfried AG: Java-experts for the insurance-sector
Goetzfried AG provides staffing services for services for IT and IT-related engineering. Leveraging its network of experts that comprises almost all highly qualified freelancers in the German-speaking world Goetzfried AG recruits experts and engineers for all industries and technologies. -

As partner of Goetzfried AG NightLabs provides Java consulting services in different projects in the insurance-sector. Period: Since 2008 (on-going). Technologies: JavaEE (Websphere), JAXB, JAXWS and RCP.

DIMDI: RCP development
The German Institute of Medical Documentation and Information (DIMDI) is a subsidiary agency of the German Federal Ministry of Health. It issues classifications for the coding of diagnoses and operations. It also operates information systems for drugs and, medical products and for evaluating therapeutic procedures. -

An RCP expert from NightLabs is responsible for the further development of the application that is used to create ICD and OCT classifications. Scope: 1-2 persons; since 2007 (on-going).



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