Software development (Java)

You come up with the ideas, we develop the solution. Realise your own IT projects with highly-qualified and experienced professionals from NightLabs.

We at NightLabs develop complete software solutions for you, tailored to meet your specific requirements. Alternatively, we can provide you with experts who will design, develop, test and optimise software for you and train your employees in this software.

Java is our passion. NightLabs has a high level of expertise in Java that few other IT service providers are able to offer. Sever side: J2EE (JBoss, Glassfish, Websphere). Web technologies: Servlets, Portlets, Tomcat, Liferay, JSF. UI: Eclipse RCP and Eclipse RAP.

Our software developers are highly competent in the following areas:

Database systems
These days, barely any applications can get by without a database. We have a wealth of experience in multi-server environments with several systems – in particular MySQL, MSSQL and PostgreSQL. We will be more than happy to realise an efficient database connection for your projects too.

Financial software
NightLabs has been managing a ticketing system and realising transaction-safe interfaces to payment systems, such as Saferpay and Click-and-Buy, for many years now. Whether a DTA export for the collection of direct debits or bank transfers, ISR payments for Switzerland, or an SAP or BENDA interface – we will provide you with competent support.

Distributed client/server systems
We have valuable experience in both the development and configuration and support of large client/server systems. We have been implementing this expertise in our ERP framework JFire for some time now and are also more than happy to leverage our expertise to realise your projects. We are familiar with standards such as J2EE, SOAP and REST, and have already implemented our own TCP/IP-based protocols as well as interfaces to other proprietary systems.

ERP, CMS, CRM and reporting systems
In these fields, NightLabs offers you a well-rounded portfolio of our in-house developed open source systems. Where required, we will also be more than happy to help you implement your own projects using other software. With the development and maintenance of our ERP system JFire, NightLabs has unique expertise in all issues relating to ERP, CMS, CRM and reporting systems from which your projects can also benefit.

Through our work on JFire, we prove our in-depth knowledge of the JDO specifications and its applications. We are active in the community that strives to refine these standards and we cooperate on the development of the reference implementation of DataNucleus.



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