Consulting services: Open source

The term "open source" describes software for which the source code is publicly accessible and that you can use, study, change and pass on for any purpose whatsoever. NightLabs helps you realise your open source projects.

Just like commercial software, open source software also comes in a variety of forms; for example, in the form of tools, libraries, server software or as a complete application. Open source software can offer your company a whole host of advantages:

  • Transparency: All source texts are publicly accessible.
  • Security: The technical content and quality of work results are evaluated and assessed by one or more persons.
  • Stability: The principle of "two heads are better than one" guarantees greater stability and code quality in comparison with proprietary software.
  • Low costs: There are no licence fees; you pay only for customisation, integration and maintenance services.
  • Independency: Open source software protects your company from the so-called "lock-in effect", a problematic vendor dependency.

NightLabs has been working on a number of open source projects for many years now. We have extensive experience in the field and will draw on the wealth of free software projects available in the open source domain to find the right solutions for you. Leverage our know-hows to realise your projects quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

With the right strategy, open source software can significantly increase the productivity and cost effectiveness of your IT infrastructure. Our fantastic support services (consulting, development) will ensure that your requirements are met optimally and cost effectively.



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