Consulting services: Eclipse

Eclipse is a powerful open source programming tool for the development of software. While developing JFire, NightLabs has gained a wealth of experience with the Eclipse RCP and other Eclipse projects. Valuable expertise that is also valuable for you!

An extensive group of leading technology providers, innovative start-ups, universities, research facilities and experts support the Eclipse platform. The Eclipse platform is popular among Java developers as the standard development environment and as the basis for developing in-house applications.

NightLabs supports you in your RCP projects:

Design and architecture
Together with you, we will find the optimal configuration for your application to ensure that it can be subsequently extended and reused. Wherever possible and beneficial to do so, we will take the "Eclipse way" by modelling standardised interfaces with Eclipse services and extension points.

Supply of software developers
Book individual Eclipse experts from NightLabs to work for you on site or remotely; or book entire teams that are able to work independently and develop complete components for you.

Employee training
The RCP is a new technology, and even experienced Java developers are glad of a quick and concise introduction to this. NightLabs teaches you the ropes and thereby enables you to quickly get to grips with the development of plug-ins and Eclipse extensions. Our offer: workshops and project-related coaching on site.

Communication with back-end servers
For client/server systems, it is essential that the service interface is configured correctly. We will provide you with support during the integration process and will show you how remote services can be connected effectively. Our experienced team will bring order to the chaos of your background jobs and UI synchronisations.

Integration of further Eclipse projects
In addition to the RCP, a number of other Eclipse projects and frameworks have been undertaken. We have already integrated a number of these projects and frameworks in both our own and our clients' projects, and we will be more than happy to pass on our know-hows to you. Benefit from our many years' experience in the integration of BIRT, GEF, EMF and many more.



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