NightLabs's core competencies

NightLabs has a wealth of valuable expertise and many years' experience in application programming and Java-based open source software.

The Java-based open source software JFire, developed in-house and funded by NightLabs, forms the basis for a large number of NightLabs's business applications. JFire utilises innovative technologies, such as Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE), Java Data Objects (JDO) and Eclipse RCP, and is flexible, modular and easy to customise.

NightLabs enhances the efficiency of JFire with a wide range of useful and free Java-based tools, as well as additional open source software. This means that free high-performance software, which can be combined reliably with JFire, is available for virtually all of your requirements as an SME.

What you the client can expect from NightLabs:
We will provide you with technically sophisticated, tailored applications; the key components of which have been tried and tested in practice. The source codes for which, worth a seven-figure sum in euros, are available free of charge – you pay only for customisation, integration and maintenance services.

Send us a rough description of your requirements and NightLabs will then tell you whether your required functionality can be implemented efficiently using JFire.



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