The benefits to you the client

NightLabs solves a key problem for you that in particular affects the work of SMEs.

As an IT officer, you procure software for typical business applications, such as ERP and CRM, and thus have two completely different options:

Lean software: Simple, small and focused systems that cover specific functionalities well. It is, however, very difficult to customise and extend such systems in line with the requirements of your company.

Comprehensive software: Although highly complex systems can be customised to meet your needs well, they need to be configured by experts, which entails a great deal of outlay, and are difficult to manage and expensive.

NightLabs combines the advantages of both options:
We develop solutions for you that are tailored to your specific requirements and are technically standardised, modular and easy to manage. As our solutions are offered as open source software, you pay only for customisation, integration and support services.

Java-based open source software from NightLabs also offers your company the following advantages:

Stability: The open source codes and a large community, supporting the technologies deployed by you, ensure that your software are transparent, secure and highly stable.

Modularity: The very latest in Java technology and modularity make it easier for you to maintain and customise your software. New functions can be integrated quickly, easily and inexpensively by means of adding new modules.

Interaction: NightLabs's software is based on current, open standards. These technologies simplify the processes for extending and maintaining your IT systems, as well as interaction with other systems. They can be integrated smoothly in existing IT infrastructures.



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